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How To Sniffing with ettercap

Ettercap is a good sniffer program for seniffing activities, because it captures the data on the network is known lokal.Ettercap able to capture all network traffic and we can capture passwords entered by other users of our network. Analyzing the data we capture conversations messaging clients like MSN or other instant messaging client, we could use a man-in-the-Midler "MITM (Man The Midle), and so on.

The first step and install a sniffer (ettercap).
And the latest version 0.7.3 and is available for Linux and Windows OS.

Versi Windows
Versi Linux

For distro based on debian / ubuntu simply type :

# sudo apt-get install ettercap-gtk

For other distributions, we need to download to compile the package.

#. / Configure
# make
# make install

How to ?

First open Ettercap and run in root mode.

How To Sniffing with ettercap

Sniffer > Unified Sniffing

Select the network card you want to select and then click "OK".

Hosts > Scan for Hosts
At the bottom of the screen as "Hosts List is a host that added" (Those listed below are computers that are online in the network).

How To Sniffing with ettercap

Hosts > Host list

Now appear the IP of the computer that is connected, it must be remembered that the router is also emerging.

Select IP to attack your computer and click "Add to Target 1", then the router on the "Add to Target 2"

How To Sniffing with ettercap

Before you start doing sniffer, let us remember and use a technique called man-in-the-Midler.

MITM > ARP Poisoning - Sekarang check list pada "Sniff remote connections" dan klik "OK"

How To Sniffing with ettercap

Start > Start sniffing.

we have done sniffing.

View> Connections - Here we can see all the connections, double click to see the data they contain, including conversations, users and passwords, etc..

Sekarang tinggalkan biarkan Ettercap bekerja.3;)

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